So I usually think about what to do with the cans but then don't really end up taking any action, since I don't know anyone else who uses this product either.
I happen to prefer the men's counterpart, Jubilation XXV, and was happy to see that Kevin included it in his list.All artifice, cap libertins be perhaps, but Lush's fragrance range, under the name Gorilla Perfumes, lives up to the brand's "we are different" ethos: they may come from the mall, but the perfumes don't smell like.I was less than satisfied with it when I published it, and 5 years on, it's really showing its age. Although if you have trouble smelling musk, youre not alone: anosmia to some - or all - musk ingredients is actually pretty common.It's a pleasant if unexciting citrus, and most years they do a limited edition flanker or two (the last one we reviewed was.25:43 makes a nice introduction to the line, and I'll also give a shout out to two of my favorites, B Scent and Silky Underwear.I think it's a youthful skin scent.
I should note that not all stores have all the fragrances, and some scents appear to be online-only.English Pear Freesia, Sakura Cherry Blossom, Wild Bluebell, London Blooms trio, etc).In Europe their popular baby powders are primarily scented with orange blossom and musk. But its use goes way back: musk makes its first appearance in the 6th Century, brought from India by Greek explorers.Unfortunately some of my favorites along those lines ( Un Crime Exotique, Praliné de Santal ) are now out of production, but the lovely Felanilla is still being made, as are Musc Maori and Aomassaï, both also worth a try.

And as before, the list exposes the massive gaps in my own perfume education.