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In real life: She's been Teddy Reed in, sisters, Lily Manning.
You might recognize him from recent work on Ballers and Pacific Rim, or from Alias and the escort girl pays de gex miniseries Thief.
HBO He went with Angela to first pitch Westworld to Logan Delos.
I dont know that they are taking any protective measures for that level of intimacy.22/ Logan Delos is a powerful businessman who was looking to increase his sauna libertin bezier company's stake in Westworld.14/ Maeve Millay is one of the first newly sentient hosts in Westworld.Esposito credits his delightfully surprising Westworld appearance (Season 2, Episode 2) to his love for Sir Anthony Hopkins.HBO Juliet marries William and they have a daughter, Emily, together.Obviously, we are concerned about safety and health issues when there is that much nudity and exposure.In real life: Born in England, Riley kickstarted prostitution corbeil essonne her career with Agatha Christie TV roles and Joe Wright's Pride Prejudice before moving on.Now we're not sure where in the park she is, but we're pretty sure she's alive.Played by Ptolemy Slocum.
Johnson/HBO She was first seen in The Raj park, but after the rebellion began Emily found herself in Westworld and reunited with her dear old dad.HBO Leonardo Nam (Felix) On the show: Nam plays Felix Lutz, Westworld's bird-obsessed repairman who befriends one of his repeat customers.The process for creating and programming the hosts is all based on his team's original research conducted over 30 years ago.Peter is also the valuable "package" that Delos wants in exchange for saving people's lives in the aftermath of Robert Ford's new narrative/massacre.In real life: If the name sounds (or looks) familiar, it should!

19/ Angela is a host we've seen in two roles a greeter for new guests and as a henchman for Dolores.
In real life: A seasoned, malleable character actor, Sanada always had dreams of becoming an action star.