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Trump took to Twitter Friday morning in his first public response to the book, calling Comey a "slime ball" and saying he "should be prosecuted." "His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the.
Here are nine highlights from the interview: 1) Comey compares the Trump presidency to a forest fire.
He also explained that during a meeting with Obama and top intelligence community officials shortly before Trumps inauguration about how Comey would brief the incoming president on the pee tape portion stelleris libertine location of the Steele dossier, Obama raised his eyebrows at him with a Good luck.Meanwhile, Twitter has coalesced around one thing: pee jokes.But Twitter is Twitter and rather than debate the merits of publishing completely unverified, unsubstantiated reports or the allegations of financial ties to Russian government figures, its users fixated on the pee and brought the jokes raining down.The former FBI director details a bizarre conversation with the president, who may have been getting some push back about the tape from First Lady.Comey said he met with former President.New Comey book release date, james Comey's new book, "A Higher Loyalty is to be released next week.Peetus " and peeotus.In multiple conversations with his FBI chief, Trump asked the FBI chief to investigate the allegation to prove it was false.During the meetingwhich was just between the two of themComey said Trump said: Do I look like a guy who needs hookers?"It's possible, but I don't know.".The former FBI director said he remembers thinking Oh my God, did we have some role in this?
Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, denied the claims to, mic, telling them, "It's so ridiculous on so many levels.The NDA he signed with the publication carried a hefty 1 million penalty if he repeated the story anywhere else.The Associated Press contributed to this report.Its possible, but I dont know.And it would be to the everlasting shame of partisans if they were unable to see that higher level and to protect.9) Comey says Trump firing Robert Mueller would be an attack on the rule of law As rumors continue to swirl about Trump potentially firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director said the possibility would be his most serious attack yet on the.2) Election night: Did we have some role in this?There may be more to the pee tape than we know.

I expect loyalty, I need loyalty.
In his new book, Comey recalls a conversation he says he had with.