street prostitution magaluf

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African prostitutes blamed for robbing and pickpocketing Brit tourists in couple libertin gers Magaluf have been chased off the streets by angry vigilante protesters.
They say they have been attacked with pepper spray and beaten up, with several of them having to go to a medical centre for treatment.
We pay for your stories!About 20 prostitutes got together to tell the police and council that they are becoming the victims of hate crime.The protesters say it is tourists who are being beaten up by the prostitutes and their pimps and not the other way round.Taxi drivers say they know of the women as they frequently give them lifts and believe they are raking in around 1,000 euros each a day.The number of Nigerian prostitutes in the resort is put at between 40 and 100.Mile high thugs, brits brawl on Easyjet plane after woman flashes boobs and lapdances 'I WAS dobbed IN young Brit mum banged up in Jamaica after lover used her as coke mule.The authority has put up signs in Magaluf and the other nightlife areas warning of 200 euro fines for bad behaviour.
Police have already launched an onslaught against clubs concealing brothels and have closed down at least six premises following a series of raids.
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I dont think its very different to modelling or giving massages.Sex really isnt an erotic Mills And Boon fantasy. .Reportedly an 18-year-old British tourist, the girl was told by party organisers that performing the feat would win her a holiday. .They accuse the women of robbing holidaymakers and "luring" them into sex.Comments on Twitter, Facebook, and tabloid websites ranged from ridiculing the girl for thinking shed actually win a holiday, to condemning her for sucking off so many people, and for doing it in public.But when a consenting adult chooses to have sex or use their body to give someone pleasure, and takes some form of payment in return whats wrong with that? .The person who posted the video took advantage of the girls choices and humiliated her, exposing her to the whole worlds criticism and ridicule.Magaluf 2017: Was it the messiest summer ever?There are less than 100 of them but we can number in the thousands!

Getty, crackdown: Police patrol the main strip of Punta Ballena in Magaluf.