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I run in concentric circles, finding those precious few relatively safe spots in this area to again try to target this guy.
I track down the Stelleris Libertine.
Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.Xem video clip Stellaris Shakedown Wow Quest tng hp nhiu clip hay nht và mi nht, Chúc các bn th giãn vui v và thoi mái.So I find him again and kill him again.This world quest is soul-suckingly frustrating and just bad.The distance itself isn't what makes this ridiculous, but the fact that there is no indication given anywhere of his location.Sitemap, thng Chi, facebook Clip Hot.I do this, and it is literally on the other side of the city.
Not an exaggeration, he is on the other side of the city, and there are no markers or dialogues or anything to indicate where to find this guy, so you'd think he'd be right there by the first mob you killed, because that is the.
That's escort girl voyage all you get to.And this one doesn't even seem to be bugged at all.I have done 176 world quests and bumped into one or two that were bugged or otherwise impossible to do very early on (and were since hotfixed to work fine but never one that even close to a fraction as frustrating as this.The fastest way to get to him was for me to hearth out and re-enter the city.Nobody can reasonably be expected to be able to complete it without checking ma voisine est libertine Wowhead, except there isn't even an explanation of how to complete it on Wowhead, but even if there was.I take my frustration to General Chat in the game and some nice player tells me he is standing right next to the guy, and to invite him to party to see his location.It awarded a bunch of Artifact Power, so I decided to give it a shot.

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