salop in french means

In 1016 Edmund Atheling plundered Shrewsbury and the neighbourhood.
Holgate Castle was taken by King John from Thomas Mauduit, one of the rebellious barons.This also became one of my favorite phrases while I was living in Pairs and it was another one that would make my grande tante (great aunt) cringe when it slipped out at home.Clun hundred was formed upon the ending of the Marcher lordship there; it formed part of Montgomeryshire (and therefore Wales) in 1536, but was brought into Shropshire already in 1546.Wenlock had a famous copper-mine in the reign of Richard II, and in the l6th century was noted for its limestone.In addition to this, the River Severn flows through the county echange bracelet pandora and has been used for the transportation of goods and services for centuries.Administration edit Shropshire was administered by a High Sheriff, at least from the time of the Norman Conquest, the first Norman sheriff being Warin the Bald, whose successor was Rainald, and in 1156 the office was held by William Fitzalan, whose account of the fee.Salop can also mean the county town, Shrewsbury, and in historical records, shropshire is described as "the county of Salop" and Shrewsbury as "the town of Salop".
In English, you can also direct it at someone in particular, ça pute (that easy girl).They lost their remaining administrative and judicial functions in the mid-to-late 19th century, with the last aspects removed from them in 1895 with the Local Government Act 1894.Iron was dug in the Clee Hills and at Wombridge in the 16th century.(Poo-tahn poote this word packs a serious punch, so use it with caution (and maybe not in mixed company).Chiant/ça me fait chier (CHI-ant sa meh fey CHIay this word is most commonly used in the context of ça me fait chier, which translates as a more vulgar version of that pisses me off.Stottesdon also brought across manors from the Staffordshire hundred of Seisdon.MA Cantab, Barony of Pulverbatch, Lordships of Great Lyth and Wrentnall.It was effectively succeed by Brimstree.In fact, being articulate and well spoken is considered to be an extremely valuable asset and characteristic, and while the French also like to curse a lot, the term most often associated with curse words is unrefined.The forest of Wrekin, or 'Mount Gilbert' as it was then called, covered the whole of that hill and extended eastward as far as Sheriffhales.