For a motorbike, the renter should fill out a proper form to acknowledge the pre-existing damage and give you a copy.
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A little bit of knowledge is the best defence, along with a degree of scepticism, particularly if something seems too good to be true, because it almost always.Some bars insist on keeping them behind the bar instead of by the customer.Wherever theres a tourist dollar to be spent, there are unscrupulous individuals ready, willing and entirely able to relieve you.Even the best of us fall victim to them because they are well-practiced and specifically target those who seem new to the area.Pattaya, just like any other tourist resort around the world, has its share of confidence tricksters, snake oil salesmen and scam artists.Count your change carefully and immediately.You will still be welcome to carry on ordering, but it is a fool-proof way of preventing padding.To avoid bill padding, never allow your bin to get so full that you cannot keep track of what you have and have not drunk.Replying that you did no such thing and that the damage was there before you got on will inevitably result in an argument which, without any proof to support your claim, you will lose.If youre unlucky, it could cost as much as 100,000 baht.
As the night site de rencontres libertins gratuit goes on, your bin fills up until its time to pay.Always break up 1,000 baht notes at a reputable shop and pay your bin with small denominations.A number of factors are relevant when assessing a book: literary les bons plans cul quality, interest, pace, relevance, personal empathy, etc.As with the jet ski scam, the only way to get out of the situation is not to fall into.Contact Information image, opening hours, opening hours 10 AM - Midnight, 7 days a week.Tours 1, the Jet Ski Scam, the Scam, there are jet skis available to rent on most of Pattayas beaches and it certainly looks like fun to go blasting around the waves for a while.Check each new bill as it comes in to make sure it is correct and pay your bin after every three drinks.