oral anglais espace et echange intro

Les échanges de toutes sortes, les «emprunts» de langue à langue, de culture à culture en littérature, dans les arts, les sciences, les techniques, la philosophie, la religion, les institutions politiques et sociales et plus généralement dans les usages"diens, ont pris une nouvelle ampleur.
One third of soldiers in George Washington's revolutionary army were born overseas.
The immigrants could forget about who they were in the old world and the fixed place that they had in that society.it was necessary secret diary call girl serie only a massage coquin cahors few decades to establish the bases of our modern society.During the first wave of immigration about 6 million people arrive in the United States.First, let us define the American Dream : it's the fact that everybody believes that American social, economic and political system makes success possible for every individual, and that the United States is very welcoming for every en, we can define the notion of exchanges.(Je pense que je dois dire d'autres choses dans la conclusion mais je ne sais pas trop quoi dire).Développement : Firstly, the document "Becoming an American part 1" talks about the history and the causes of immigration.Dans la présentation de la notion ".What is ironical, and shocking here is that they are standing in front of a billboard that promotes American way of life, wich refers to the American dream.
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Le monde est devenu comme un «petit village» ou les distances et le temps ont étés réduits à leur minima.
In our case, we're gonna talk about the exchange of people, as part of the immigration between different spaces.Considered as a refuge country in the beginning, the United-states has to set up strict measures, even if immigration brings advantages (asset for industry).The problems were : in Ireland the potatoe famine, in Germany the political upheavals, in Scandinavia Land shortages, in Central Europe the Antisemetism, and in Western Europe the massive unemployment due to industrial revolution.Vous devez donner une note pour valider votre avis.What are the effects of immigration?This picture enable us to encounter the seamy side of the American dream : full of racism and predjudice whereas the immigrants, who are poverty stricken, are just fleeing a life of misery in their country.In the first part, we can see in the background a no man's land with barbed wire that seems to be the Mexico-United States border and in the foreground a man who's trying to cross the border and he is wearing dirties clothes and carrying.J'ai besoin d'une correction complète du texte que je vais dire le jour de l'oral.The second wave of immigration took place in the1600s and the countries of origin were England, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Africa, it's not said in the documentary where they settled.

To do it, we can use the picture "Louisville Flood".