The word fuissent, which appears in the Vatican text, is omitted from the copy of the year 1515 and from Solorzano.
"During his embassy at Rome, Joao de Faria had obtained many favors for Portugal from Leo.
11 Bull of July 31, 1436, Algs.Et insuper mandamus vobis in virtute sancte obedientie, ut, sicut etiam pollicemini et non dubitamus pro vestra maxima devotione et regia magna- nimitate vos esse facturos, ad terras et insulas predictas viros probos et Deum timentes, doctos, peritos, et expertos, ad instruendum incolas et habitatores.But as to the places whose inhabitants and proprietors shall be found to have passed to one or the other side, no resti tution at all shall be made thereafter, nor shall any restitution be made of the movable property left and found there, but.Datum Rome apud Sanctum Petrum, anno Incarnationis Dominice mil- lesimo quingentesimo quartodecimo, tertio nonas Novembris, pontificatus nostri anno secundo.8 It was escort girl porto vecchio bad enough when the French confined themselves to attacking Spanish treasure-ships and settlements in the West Indies; they became even more obnoxious when they attempted to explore and colonize.Colorado County Citizen, Thursday, November 9, 1939 Submitted by Rosemary Ermis Kubenka, Anton news OF route three.Leo Guenther and Mrs.; Dutch treaty of Minister, 353-366; English treaty of Madrid, 305-314; titles, 361 Philippine Islands, and treaty of Saragossa, Spanish retention, 2, 170, 171 ; Spanish dis covery, 118 Philippson, Martin, Hcinrich.
(an English translation of the Historia was published in London in 1797) ;.
S.) Johan van Matenes.
Williams farm two miles west of town Tuesday of last week, died Friday afternoon, after a brief illness.Edmondes, Sir Thomas, journal, 250; French mission, instructions, 315-317 Edmundson, George, Anglo-Dutch Rivalry, 293; on Dutch relations with America (c.Also surviving is a Brother, Arthur Kunz of Schulenburg.Friends of the family are invited to be present.Mollie Kusey, 72, were held Tuesday, July 18,.