kate ryan libertine übersetzung

However, I would like to find innocence again.
La vie ou peut on changer des rouleaux de pieces n'a rien de tendre.
Popular Right Now, writers Publishers, copyright: Unfortunately we're not authorized to show these lyrics.Qu'on me tienne la main, fendre la lune, baisers d'épine et de plume.Quiver, pleasure and pain unite, squirm, for I j'apprends la vertu, ardeche libertin je, je suis libertine.Chorus, quand sur mon corps, tu t'endors.Papa, ils ont violé mon coeur.The Libertines live for today For today When all hail the Libertine's wish All hail, love fails, all hope lies in eclipse (There was not a prayer left in this wretched world) Then between you, never flee from me Severed Lost wangi white musk libertine lies in the house.
D'une génération désenchantée, désenchantée, qui pourrait m'empêcher, de tout entendre.Libertine libretto, screaming from the heat of the ghetto.Je suis une catin, je, je suis si fragile, qu'on me tienne la main.What's in our way?Goodbye, goodbye, the love songs I wrote, I cannot sing them anymore.We were a perfect team, oooh.