It is a practical workhorse, the 3in-chambered, steel-shot-proofed, Turkish-made.
Reloading is fast and easy with nothing to press or push, apart from the bolt release if you run dry.
Again good for that sort of work, something like AimPoints Micro would suit the MP-A very well.It comes as standard with a fixed choke, the chamber is 3 inch (76mm) so can take a variety of tactical ammunition.Hatsan is simple to operate.Targets are primarily steel plates but with Section 1 ammo (slug) on appropriate ranges paper, scoring targets are also used.These days and over the last three decades, the weapon of choice has been a semi automatic and though pumps were popular in the old days, they are no longer main stream!The bolt automatically locks open after the last round has been fired or its empty.
Hatsan, arms Company of Turkey, the, escort series includes a number of semi-automatic, slide-action and over/under shotguns that are suitable for hunting, trap and skeet, law enforcement or home defense.
The feed function was reliable which, as noted, has not always been the case with budget Turkish semi-automatics.To load, you can drop the first cartridge into the ejection port and press the bolt release catch to chamber.Those who need 312in will paris restaurant coquin know.The form of the stock provides plenty of purchase and good muzzle control without being bulky.The standard MP-A is fitted with a fixed choked barrel, such slug shooting security/law enforcement shotguns are usually made with fixed cylinder barrels.The forend is similarly well thought out too, with the same grooved effect over the bottom of the curved section of the forend.