All kinds of types and methods were not found.
Line 2 : We are interested in the inbox only, but we could be interested in the calendar.
But I have no idea how to club libertin alpes maritime do that, or where to look for how to.This is in reference to a change that was made to nfig when I added the service reference; and I just found a fix for that here.For example, the method used to create a connection to the Exchange server was: ExchangeService svc new ExchangeService edentials new AuthEmailPassword For what it's worth, this was using an assembly that came with the sample code: mews.There was another project with.exe that ran the same program not as a service, to make it easier to debug on development machines.We also specify the accounts mailbox to end goal is to be able to get and create/update email, calendar items, contacts, and to-do list items for a specified Exchange account.A heartbeat monitor service that checked if other programs were still running (this might have worked as a scheduled task as well, but was implemented as a service).I excluded the mews assembly, which only made things worse.I think you are looking for an idea of what developers that don't work for Microsoft might write.This is in reference to the function I was using to create the EWS connection, called by each of the web methods: private ExchangeService getService(String AutoDiscoverEmailAddress, String AuthEmailAddress, String AuthEmailPassword).
CalendarItemType appointment new CalendarItemType.WriteLine( bject Line 1 : We call the service to find out about the mailbox.The types and classes used appear nowhere in the current documentation.(Deleting is not currently necessary, but I may build it in for future consideration, if it's easy enough).This article demonstrates how to use Exchange Webservices (EWS as found on Exchange 2007 SP1 and going forward, to extract email body, headers and other email related items without using or needed Outlook installed.Then, after waiting a minute or so, we can t like the comments on the accepted answer, this is probably a setting on the Exchange server.

I found this blog post that explains how to generate a proxy class from a wsdl, which I did.
Exchange.WebServices by browsing to the directory loaded in step 1 and selecting the  Remember to add using in your code.