exchange partition example

Take export of non partitioned table. .
Subpartitions inherit the compression attribute from the partition level and are stored in a compressed form in this example: Example 4-29 Adding partitions to a range-range partitioned table alter table shipments ADD partition p_2007_jan values less than compress ( subpartition p07_jan_e values less than, subpartition.
Alter table stocks exchange partition p3 with stock_table_3; merging partitions, use escort boy gay grenoble the alter table.
SQL Alter table example_partition Split partition max_value at (100000) into (partition example_p2, partition max_value Table altered.For example, if the highest interval partition boundary in your daily interval partitioned table transactions is January 30, 2007 and you want to change to a monthly partition interval, then the following statement results in an error: alter table transactions SET interval (numtoyminterval(1 month ORA-14767.ADD partition statement to add a new partition to the "high" end (the point after the last existing partition).The following statement illustrates how to add a new partition to a list-partitioned table.The following statement adds a new subpartition to the existing set of subpartitions in the range-list partitioned table quarterly_regional_sales.The subpartitions cannot be set explicitly to use table compression.Create as many partitions needed using Split_partition cluase as like below SQL Alter table example_partition Split partition max_value at (50000) into (partition example_p1, partition max_value Table altered.Verify the example_partition table partition details from user_tab_partitions SQL select table_name, partition_name, high_value from user_tab_partitions where table_name 'example_partition' SQL / table_name partition_name high_value example_partition example_P1 50000 example_partition example_P. .Recreate the table with partitions. .
Alter table products add partition; Then Oracle adds a new partition whose name is system generated and it is created in the default tablespace.
Create a duplicate of non-partitioned(with different name and same structure) table with partitions. .Adding a Partition to a Hash-Partitioned Table.Alter table sales drop partition p5 update global indexes; This causes the global index to be updated at the time the partition is dropped.Declare error_count pls_integer : 0; begin 'example 'example_partition 1, true, true, true, false, error_count dbms_output.SQL exec dbms_art_redef_table scott 'example 'example_partition PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.Check the partition details using below mentioned sql.