Id : 1016 Type : Success Message : exch2007(1)-Successfully contacted the AS service at https exch2007(2)mx.
Full list of cmdlets: get-command Only Exchange cmdlets: get-excommand Cmdlets for a a girl called eddy flac specific role: get-help -role.At adResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall) at asyncResult) at asyncResult) at proxyWebRequest, QueryList queryList, Service service, IAsyncResult asyncResult) at asyncResult) at The request information is ProxyWebRequest type IntraSite, url /ews/mx Mailbox list smtp Parameters: windowStart 3/30/2016 1:00:00 AM, windowEnd 3/30/2016 2:00:00.RunspaceId : Id : 1015 Type : Information Message : exch2007(1) The OAB service is configured for this user in the Autodiscover response received from.Id : 1006 Type : Success Message : The Autodiscover service was tested successfully.The response code is 200 for a successful request (some 401s are not necessarily a bad thing, if they are followed by a 200).There could be other responses that are more difficult to interpret and in that case, I suggest opening a case to support.I have added the auto configuration logs from powershell.We will follow-up with a more elaborate article on troubleshooting OAuth configuration in the near future and update this article with the link to that. .If the domain name for the user is listed in an IOC and the IOC is enabled, then yes, oauth will be used.Now, lets see the logs and try to follow the request as it is received by the CAS server.
Click Next In the conditions sexe friends bande annonce box, type the error codes you want to trace, like 401,500 Leave default selections in the next box and click finish Reproduce the error, and open the fr0000x.xml file located in the configured log directory The file should be opened.
Because the availability requests cannot be proxied/redirected when the mailbox is located in the other organization than where the ASUrl is pointing, you need to decide to where you want to direct your requests (Cloud or OnPrem) and configure the TargetSharingEpr in order to bypass.
RunspaceId : Id : 1022 Type : Success Message : Autodiscover was tested successfully.The default is Next, select the directory you are interested in like Autodiscover or EWS, and in the Features View, under IIS, open Failed Request Tracking rules Click Add in the Actions pane and select All content.Create a new meeting request, press F12 to launch developer tools.The first one is from the Exchange 2007 server testing user1 whose mailbox is on the exchange 2007 server and user2 on the exchange 2010 server.The MessageText element will display the exact error message.RunspaceId : Id : 1015 Type : Warning Message : exch2007(1) The OAB service isn't configured for this user in the Autodiscover response received from.Authenticated user does not ha ve sufficient privileges to issue this request.The elapsed time was 46 milliseconds.