The procedure takes an hour.
New Zealand, norway, oman, poland portugal qatar.
An Australian/NZ combination might work also.The list of countries that can obtain a euro dollar exchange rate calculator Dubai driving licences without the karlsruhe maison close driving test from is below.If it's not, try to get a Dubai driving licence anyway.Verificaiton code has been sent on your email.Countries that can exchange their driving licence in the UAE.Each Emirate issues their own driving licenses and procedures, which, whilst generally the same, occasionally have some odd differences.The advice provided on this website is general advice only and does not constitute as a financial recommendation.Countries for driving licence exchange in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, RAK, Sharjah, and UAQ should be the same or similar.If you have an Asian passport and a non-Asian driver's license, you may find it more difficult as many Asian driving licences are not accepted for a simple conversion - a driving test has to be done before getting a driver's licence for Dubai.For example, apparently New Zealanders cannot do an exchange with a Sharjah driving licence (rumour has it that someone important from Sharjah got a traffic ticket while in NZ several years ago - maybe the person concerned has calmed down and NZers can.Copyright, exchange Rates.
Or you may get sent back.
If that's not stated on your own driver's licence, you probably won't have to do an eye test (this changed sometime in 2005 - previously all applicants for a driver's license had to do an eye test there, then it was changed so they had.
Canadians need to get a letter from the Canadian Consulate in Dubai to state the license is genuine.As of 2007 this is less likely to be possible.Bring a book or magazine to read and don't sweat.All/most nationalities must now take a driving test?If you have to wear contact lenses or spectacles, you may do an eye test there.Check with the RTA in Dubai, and/or police in the emirate which issued the visit visa or where the private car is registered.Procedure for exchange of home country driving licence for a Dubai driver's license Bring your driving license from your home country to show them (you'll get it back) - and a copy.Lepide is a registered trademark of Lepide Software Private Limited.

You will have to get a driving license from the Emirate which you received your residency visa from although if you live in a different Emirate and have a tenancy contract in your name, you may be able to try and get a driving licence.
UAE media reported that expats from all countries might be required to take a theory and practical test before being allowed to obtain a UAE driving license.
Update : A UAE traffic department representative (Ali Mohammed Al Jasem from the Dubai RTA driver's licence department?) was interviewed on the.