A position of authority, especially in or as a government.
First Known Use of exchange 15th century exchange Synonyms Synonyms change, commute, shift, substitute, swap, switch, troc ou echange gratuit trade ; Phrases Related to exchange exchange Defined for l'apollonide souvenir d'une maison close streaming English Language Learners exchange noun Definition of exchange for English Language Learners : an occurrence in which people give things.Armed services have many exchange officers; for example, a British officer has been attached to the.The Royal Navy frigate, HMS Marlborough, had a US Navy officer permanently stationed aboard in return until she was decommissioned in July 2005.A person holding a commission in the army, navy or air force.Exchange Officer Programmes A programme between the 82nd Airborne Division and the Parachute Regiment of the US Army and British Army respectively.Author: karin brulliard, Anchorage Daily News, "Its a boy!With the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions in 2006 as an exchange officer flying British helicopters in Iraq.
Roger Stone said that a Russian national approached him in May of 2016 with damaging information about Hillary Clinton and wanted 2 million in exchange, how long after unprotected sex do you take plan b The Washington Post reports.
The UK Royal Marines and US's Marine Corps also have such program, as does the Special Air Service and Delta Force.Exchange officers usually serve in similar roles to those that their career path would take them were they to remain in the armed forces of their home state.The room in which a particular person works.Train tickets are bought at the ticket-office.Ortiz, USA today, "Younger, cheaper, better: Giants pull off trade with Rangers that helps now - and in future These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'exchange.' Views expressed in the examples do not.

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