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In the foreground, there are black people, wainting for some food after the terrible flood.
Bonjour, je passe mon oral dans un peu plus d'une semaine, et j'aimerai avoir vos conseils/corrections pour ma notion, car j'imagine qu'il reste encore des fautes.
The Pilgrim's came in America to have a decent life, where they could be free.In our case, we're gonna talk about the exchange of people, as part of the immigration between different spaces.First, let us define the American Dream : it's the fact that everybody believes that American social, economic and political system makes success possible for every individual, and that the United States is very welcoming for every en, we can define the notion of exchanges.To put in a nutshell, we saw that the idea of the A dream was still present in the mind of people, but this idea is wrong, and the USA is a country where there are huge disparities.In order to do it, let's use the picture "Pymouth Rock".Monnaie unique, single currency Partenariat Partnership Accord Agreement Bénéfice Benefit Promouvoir To promote Lien Link Démocratie Democracy Paix Peace Colonie Colony prostitution rue bruxelles / Settlement Prisonnier Convict / Prisoner Explorateur Explorer).
To justify that, let's use the drawing "An alien on whom we can see a stereotyped police officer, who sounds contemptuous and racist, who pulled over the statue of liberty just because of her skin color.
Finally, we can end with the idea that America welcomes every single person with open arms is wrong.They hope to be able to succeed, persuaded that the a dream is real, and considering America as a land of opportunity, with no social barriers.La géographie des circuits commerciaux et des réseaux dinfluence, mais aussi les découvertes et la conquête de terres nouvelles constituent des aires culturelles qui dépassent souvent les frontières des États.La frontière comme limite entre deux espaces sera vue tantôt comme protection contre lautre ou au contraire ouverture et appel vers un espace plus grand.To settle in, s'étendre, to expand, décolonisation.In order to present the notion spaces and exchanges, we're gonna ask ourselves if the american dream is still alive, and beyond it, what attracts immigrants to go to the USA.