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Based on the XR3i, launched in 1985 as the Series 1 using the mk3 shell, 1986 saw the mk4 and series 2 version, which was manufactured until 1990.
HPI One of the most important checks when buying any car whether its a Ferrari or a FSO is to run a history check.
Especially look behind the body kit.S2 RS idee sms coquin Turbo Identity, the VIN can be found on the slam panel under the bonnet as well as under the carpet between the driver seat and the sill.See also: S1 Escort RS Turbo Tuning Guide.If you can see it indicates a blow head gasket.They can be found on EBay and in the local newspapers but they are becoming a rarer site.S2 RS Turbo Interior, you have to expect some wear in here, the drivers seat bolsters are usually the worst effected.If you spot any fault take into consideration the age of the car.
If your looking at a 90spec S2 it should have heated front windscreen, a rear wing with curved over ends and blue and red fleck trim and also adjustable intermittent wiper speed.The limited slip diff was softened up so it wasnt so snatchy.Look out for smoke on full throttle, if its blue then the engine is on its way out.Whilst we dont offer a huge amount of products for them, we do still supply chips and management setups for them, and because we fully understand all aspects of the quirky Bosch KE Jetronic system, we are in a position to make your poor running.If you are even considering going for Big BHP, the engine is the first port of call, if it has been round the world three times then it isnt going to last, go for a fresh build using all the right components, tired engines dont.How many miles has it done and at what power etc?Sitz der Gesellschaft: Kleinmachnow, nach 27 a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE203779911.

Featuring a small front mounted intercooler, the engine management was updated from Bosch K Jet to KE, to give additional electrical functions such as on boost enrichment and overrun fuel cut.