escort max 360 vs 9500ix

The Escort iX gives the user plenty of personalization options, including filtering out the X-band or Ka-band while in an Auto mode, or connecting the unit to the Escort smartphone app to gain access to the latest information about radar traps.
A suction cup with some adhesive on it attaches to the detector, with a rectangular magnet on the suction cup part sliding into a notch on the radar detector.
Because the display is so easy to read, you can garner the needed information with a quick glance, returning your eyes to the road after a split second.The Escort Live smartphone app is a piece of crowd sourcing software, allowing for alerts based on the latest information that other Escort users are providing, including radar traps.It may elise coquin appear that any GPS-enabled model can handle cameras and false alarms with equal alacrity.The best GPS-enabled models tested-from BEL and Escort (same company)-have high resistance to false alarms.I especially like the easy setup, quick release mount, and the ability of the iX to connect to my smartphone app to alert me to the latest information.Current Models With Similar Features.Read: Radar Detectors: How Do They Actually Work?
Youll see your current speed, any radar bands as theyre detected along with their frequencies, and the signal strength.Other detectors may offer lockouts as well, but due to patent limitations the lockouts are either done manually or handled by a phone.Changes Improvements Between Detectors: 9500ix.And the chipset allows for more precise locating and better performance inside parking structures or tunnels than previous chipsets.True, some Cobra GPS models showed improved K- and Ka-band performance in a recent test, but GPS technology failed to cure their fondness for barking alerts of phantom radar guns.Max2, a Max with a Bluetooth chip built into it so you no longer needed a Bluetooth power cable for Escort Live compatibility.The final score was V1: 51 false alarms, Escort Passport 9500ix:.