escort dr li to the evacuation point

Nod Soldier - Considered standard assault infantry, Nod soldiers have basic combat training.
You can leave the room now and return to the gift shop.
Talk Allistair Tenpenny into allowing the Ghouls to peacefully enter the Tower.
He'll repair stuff for you, and he's on the lookout for Scrap Metal.Escort Hotwire to their location and protect her while she converts them to GDI control.Follow the path again.Talk to Doc Church in the clinic.Optionally, you can lockpick the back door of the saloon, open the cabinet, get Moriarty's password, and access his terminal there to get this info, plus some dirt on the locals.When he dies, take his Super Sledgehammer.Upgrades Armor Upgrade - This item increases your maximum armor by five percent.HMS Dunedin ( Royal Navy ) Light cruiser 24 November 1941 Torpedoed by submarine U-124 HMS Barham ( Royal Navy ) Battleship 25 November 1941 Torpedoed by submarine U-331.Mission 12 - Stomping on Holy Ground Mission: rescue sydney.Avoid using Tiberium weaponry on these targets.
Well, that's probably enough already with the up-front tips.
Make your way to the rotunda by following the signs.The building of the Deutschland caused consternation among the French and the British as they had expected that the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles would limit the replacement of the pre-dreadnought battleships to coastal defence ships, echange de produit leclerc suitable only for defensive warfare.When they're dead, go north up the stairs, where there are four rooms.Read the section about "Scouting Reports" from this terminal to learn about the nearby settlement of Megaton (it will be added to your Pip-Boy's map).Destroy the Dam Master Control Terminal.Walk up to the Galaxy News Relay dish, and interact with.Secondary: Secure First House - Nod occupies several of the houses in this area, and GDI needs to secure them all.

Make sure they all make it through the rotunda door.