The dark pink, double stars, are speckled with dark blue fantasy markings, and the petal tips are lightly frilled.
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#7996 (LLG) Surf's Up -.99 Gorgeous!
The wide edge varies between white and soft pink. .A sporadic white edge occasionally appears on the flower.Bright fuchsia, double, pansy shaped blossoms have fluted and wavy petal edges.The center has a blue tinge on the petal edges. .Good blooming with flowers standing adresse prostituee caen tall above the medium green standard foliage. .Variegated dark green, cream and pink, plain, glossy/red back.#pending (LLG) Kaylih Marie -.99 Sweet, two tone light pink single stars with frilled edges, dance above compact standard, dark green foliage, variegated in beige.The standard foliage is medium green and serrated.Dark green foliage, ruffled chilly gonzales different kind of prostitute lyrics with red backing.
(LLG) Buckeye Colossal -.99 Large peachy/pink sticktite stars with a cherry edge.
Large, single and semidouble, burgundy red pansies, with slightly frilled white edges.#10677 (LLG) Elizabeth -.99 Lovely, light pink, semidouble and double, fluted and wavy stars, are edged in cherry red glitter bands.Beautiful, bright blue, semidouble and double, ruffled and frilly, pansy shaped blossoms have crisp white edges, combined with medium green, ovate foliage, variegated in white.Each leaf is variegated in beige.A large growing standard, with dark green, quilted, red reverse foliage.(LLG) Festival on Ice - Leaves Only!The flower is outlined with a frilled white edge. .#9963 (LLG) White Tiger -.99 A complimentary mix, of a large double white star, against the backdrop of medium green, quilted foliage, heavily variegated in beige.#4107 (Champion) Best Friends -.99 Magnificent semidouble, frilly, fluted and wavy petals of two-tone rose-pink, combine with deep rose feathering on petal edges, accented with a narrow, broken, faint geneva edge make these stars so eye-catching.Medium purple, single and semidouble star with a frilled geneva edge accenting each petal.

#10233 (LLG) Red Summit - Leaves Only!