Profound wisdom speaks volumes within this manuscript, so let the verses speak on their own merit; however, from time-to-time you will find Brackets and capitals to express the writers point of view.
Ovenden have demonstrated the former existence of a 90-Earth-mass planet in the asteroid belt (Source: Mysterious Universe A Handbook of Astronomical Anomalies by William.By, greg Jenner foreword by Marshall Masters from, yowusa, website, foreword by Marshall Masters, it is a great privilege for me to publish this work, as it will establish a new benchmark for Planet X historical research.Again, this implies that two celestial objects are viewed from the surface of the Earth during the fly-by.Manuscripts 6:38 The great surge of rocks and waters overwhelmed the chariots of the Egyptians who went before the footmen.Before getting into that, however, here is a brief summary of my Planet X investigation so far.2 1888, Helena Blavatsky gives us clues that this unusual planetary body does return.There was an earthy-brown, foamy scum which drifted strangely over the surface.Publish Publish directly on Issuu to have your publication beautifully coquina rock beach presented on desktops and mobile devices around the world, or download a PDF of the final layout.The doomdragon The Destroyer which has come more than once and will come again.
Now that you have become privy to this same knowledge, what will you do?
The singular theme common to all these ancient traditions concerns the fact that these falls of meteor-like gravel were inextricably part and parcel of a terrible cosmic visitation which almost destroyed Earth long ago Page 201.A very specific date indeed.It provides solid historical correlations to the science facts being reported on the Internet today.Greg Jenner to be is one of the best Planet X historians alive today - if not the best.Based on this, the physical appearances of people seemed to be drastically different just prior to the sinking of Atlantis.Manuscripts 6:11 Dust and smoke clouds darkened the sky and coloured the waters upon which they fell with a bloody hue.Manuscripts 1:12 This was the land from whence man cameRamakui or Atlantis.176-8 Thus, based on the" above, Typhon was the Destroyer of the Exodus.Their God sent down a curse upon the men of the cities, AND there camtrange light anmoky mist which caught at the throats of men.

Disasters will soon spread from nation to nation.
Heaven and whose fire from the Destroyer devoured the wicked.