Jane Watts Fisher/National Geographic Society/Corbis 40/71 A British machine gun unit Two British machine gunners operate a machine gun whilst taking cover in a trench.
Hulton-Deutsch Collection/corbis 35/71 Women working in a shell factory A look inside one small part of a munitions factory.
Harriet Chalmers Adams/National Geographic Society/Corbis 8/71 Austrian aircraft dives, a view from below of an early Austrian aircraft.Due to echange bouteille de gaz butane contre propane the motion of vessels in tidal waters, practice was necessary to ensure accuracy on the ocean.Underwood Amp Underwood/National Geographic Society/Corbis 23/71 Navy cooking training Young recruits from the United States Navy are trained to cook and create dishes in preparation for life on deck.This US troop transport vessel was hit during June, 1918.Barbed wire was utilised very heavily throughout WW1, and was designed to become increasingly more difficult to get through when shelled or affected by explosives of any sort.They are wearing gas masks to protect against potential poison gas attack.Adoc-photos/Corbis 22/71 USS New Hampshire fires The navy ship USS New Hampshire fires a large weapon at an opposing vessel.Powerful propaganda was not uncommon during the First World War period; it was rather used to influence, shape and measure public opinion.
This trench site echange de skin h1z1 line may be considered to be more poorly built than other trenches, since this is a front-line trench, which would have been built in less time, under pressure from the opposition.Bettmann/corbis 53/71 Torpedoed boat sinking The Covington is sunk after being torpedoed.Underwood And Underwood/National Geographic Society/Corbis 28/71 Shot down French aircraft A French plane shot down by a German biplane during the Battle of Verdun.He had moved GHQ from Saint Omer to Montreuil in the spring of 1916, a few months before his first big offensive, at the Somme.Hulton-Deutsch Collection/corbis 25/71 US enlist recruitment poster This American recruitment poster implores US citizens to sign up for the US armed forces to fight against the 'Mad Brute' of Germany.Bettmann/corbis 46/71 Munitions advertisement poster A poster to encourage enrolment for the position of munitions workers to craft shells and other weapons.Hiding in the trenches and keeping his head low to avoid attracting unwanted attention, he cautiously scouts No-Man's-Land for any indication of enemy activity.Indice, traité de libre échange anglais evoluzione demografica modifica modifica wikitesto, abitanti censiti.Smoke and dust from the destruction and ongoing fighting creates a dense camouflage preventing the soldiers from seeing very far, or being seen.Underwood Underwood/Underwood Underwood/Corbis 50/71 Aircraft mechanic recruitment poster A Canadian recruitment poster, pining for 'skilled mechanics' to repair damaged aircraft or to manufacture new planes.

They are making the most of the mountainous terrain to shield their position.
This aircraft was most likely a scouting plane, as can be deduced from the apparent lack of visible weaponry.