Saumur (French pronunciation: somy ) is a commune in the, maine-et-Loire department in western, france.
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Saumur was then the location of the Battle of Saumur during rencontre plan cul homme the Revolt in the Vendée, becoming a state prison under Napoleon Bonaparte.14 Notable people edit Saumur was the birthplace of: Anne Le Fèvre Dacier (16541720 scholar and translator of classics Jeanne Delanoue (1666-1736 made a Roman Catholic Saint in 1982 François Bontemps (17531811 General of the French Revolutionary Wars.They hit the approaches to the bridge, blocked the railway cutting and one pierced the roof of the tunnel, bringing down a huge quantity of rock and soil which blocked the tunnel, badly delaying the German reinforcements moving towards Normandy, especially 2nd SS Panzer Division.Jehan Alain (1911-1940 organist and composer, was killed during the Battle of Saumur.You can view the website without registration.Subprefecture and commune in Pays de la Loire, France.During the morning of 24 June, 38 American Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses with conventional bombs attacked the bridge; escort was provided by 121 of 135 P-51s.
The castle, destroyed in 1067 and inherited by the.
1949 actress Dominique Pinon, (b.The Dolmen de Bagneux is on the old road going south.4 5 The damaged tunnel was quickly dug out to make a deeper cutting, resulting in the need for a second attack.The caves dug to excavate the stone have become tunnels and have been used by the local vineyards as locations to store their wines.Loire and, thouet rivers, and is surrounded by the vineyards of Saumur itself, Chinon, Bourgueil, Coteaux du Layon, etc.1, amyraldism, or the School of Saumur, is the name used to denote a distinctive form of Reformed theology taught by Moses Amyraut at the University of Saumur in the 17th century.