However, anytime we drive to a new city, I encounter lots of CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aids using X-band to trigger their automatic doors.
I live in a rural area, so a lot of my tests with the iX involved highway driving.
(The K-band is used in automatic door openers on store fronts, which can cause false signals in some areas for drivers.) The four levels give the iX plenty of versatility, something that hasnt always been available in past Escort detectors.
But thanks to the Auto-Learn capabilities of the 9500IX, after a few weeks, virtually all of these false alerts will disappear.It picked up speed traps and red-light and speed cameras at intersections, but never to the point of being overly annoying by accidentally tripping on the same city cop radar escort 33 gun multiple times in a row like some other detectors might.It has a brilliant blue LED alphanumeric display which can be read easily under sunlight or you can adjust the brightness from the five levels for optimum night and evening use.And the AutoLoK mode is the Auto mode with reduced sensitivity to the K-band.Accessories Yes, it comes with the following: 12-Volt Smart Cord 1-Year Subscription to Escort Live Quick Release Windshield Mount Travel Case Price You can purchase the Escort Passport 9500IX on Amazon for 397.8.Basically, this are quick-action modes that will provide you with the upper hand against police radar detectors.Although some other Escort radar detectors can make use of a rear view mirror mount from a third party provider, there is no Escort iX mirror mount available at the time of this writing, so youll have to stick with the manufacturer provided windshield mount for.Buy This Item, detection Capabilities, the Passport 9500IX receives a nine of out of ten stars in the detection department.What We Liked, alerts are clear and easy to understand.As with almost any radar detector on the market, even something as simple as garage doors opening can cause it to give off a false alert.If it has been flagged down three times, then it recognizes it as a false alert.
Part of the GPS feature set is calculating your speed, and I set mine up to display speed when in normal operation.Sure enough, there was a cop positioned under an overpass.(A 90 day subscription is included with purchase.).When speeding on a highway, the Escort is fully alert for maximum radar sensitivity and when you automatically slow down, the 9500ix will be able to detect and tune down the sensitivity radar bands to avoid false alerts.In short, you definitely get what you pay for (and more).Depending on how you mount the Escort iX to your windshield or if your windshield has a sharp angle, it can be difficult to see and press the buttons while driving.Can connect to smartphone app to receive latest information through crowd sourcing.

The Escort iX has a logical, yet sharp-looking, design.
Effective GPS Technology Effective False Alert Filter System Escort Live Which Help You Communicate With Other Escort Users For Sharing And Receive Threats.