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Video, pictures, jente Moors, jente, a philosophy student of 24, won a travel voucher worth 5,000 during the 10th edition of the final in Walibi.
The skull's effect is no checkpoints or saves allowed on any difficulty in the campaign only.
Sandra Lux Friendship always comes first for our finalist of October 2013: she chose Sardinia with no fewer than 10 friends!Fabiola Porcu Fabiola began the spring as it should and was delighted to learn she would leave for Madagascar the next summer.Things That Make You Go Boom: In the "Under The Dark" mission, defeat all three Brute Warlords.Paintball: In The "Ascension" mission, completely destroy the Banished base in the northern area of the map.Far from Mons, it's with extreme delight that she will leave to Thailand.She won the 5000 travel voucher in Ostend!
The final score will also increase.
1st prize A travel voucher worth 5,000 2nd prize A travel voucher worth 2,000 echange side car contre moto 3rd prize A travel voucher worth 1,000 4th prize A travel voucher worth 1,000 5th to 100th prize A Proximus gift worth 500.
Sarah never thought she would win but she got a holiday budget of 5,000.The Healing Of Old Wounds I: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road leading to Lightbridge.Under the Xmas tree this year: a trip to Cape Verde.Bountiful Harvest: In the "One Three Zero" mission, do not allow any of the captured prisoners (four prison squads) to die.Rise Of Atriox III: In the "Lights Out" mission, it is found inside the prison camp in the center of the map.Rise Of Atriox II: In the "Ascension" mission, it is found on a side path shortly before you reach the Lightbridge.The Healing Of Old Wounds III: In "The Signal" mission, it is found on the road leading to Lightbridge.The skull's effect is the Spartan "Slams" special ability creates a more powerful explosion upon landing.His reward: a 10,000 travel voucher.