He reports that in 1951 that percentage had risen.
It is spoken in the southern area of the country in cities like San Vito and other communities of Coto Brus, near the south borderline with Panama.
( Good day!) /bwndorno/ Good evening!
31 Lexical similarity is 89 with French, 87 with Catalan, 85 with Sardinian, 82 with Spanish, 78 with Ladin, 77 with Romanian and 70 with Portuguese.In nativized foreign words, the h is silent.The removal of feminine qualities, want to thank TFD for its existence?63 In central-east Europe Italian is first in Montenegro, second in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Ukraine best bitcoin exchange site after English, and third in Hungary, Romania and Russia after English and German.Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth edition".36 Italian is widely spoken in Malta, where nearly two-thirds of the population can speak it fluently.FebruaryMarch 2012 via gesis.These variants were consolidated during the Renaissance with the strength of Italy and the rise of humanism and the arts.Link to this page.
This article is about the standardized Italian language.The Sounds, Forms, and Uses of Italian: An Introduction to Italian Linguistics.Pei's results do not show the degree of contemporary divergence among the languages from each other but only the divergence of each one from Classical Latin.47 Africa edit Due to heavy Italian influence during the Italian colonial period, Italian is still understood by some in former colonies.a ( miglio 'mile,.(The La SpeziaRimini Line, the most important isogloss in the entire Romance-language area, passes only about 20 miles to the north of Florence.) Some other features that distinguish Italian from the Western Romance languages: Latin ce-,ci- becomes /te, ti/ rather than t)se, (t)si/.