Je veux bien aider à corriger ce qui est fait, mais pas du virtuel!
Il y présente les raisons pour les quelle s il veut quitter son pays (meilleure velo sport echange condition de vie, rêve américain, job, construire une nouvelle vie pour ses enfants.) - Un texte o ù nous suivons l'histoire d'un petit groupe.
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Immigration constitutes the DNA of America, which was built thanks to immigrants waves.
Firstly, we'll put forward the fact of USA was built upon immigration, then we'll see that sometimes immigration is the only choice of people to have a better life.For instance, United Kingdom was originally the result of multiculturalism between Saxons tribes but today, it is also the result of its colonial past.The document New Horizons is a X interview and introduce S Alejandro a Mexican who wants to go to the USA.Over more Obama would like to stop business with undocumented workers and give others employers a way to verify if their workers are in legally conditions.They are very much persons who go in North America illegally for several reasons.An exchange is the action to address, to send mutually things.Monnaie unique, single currency Partenariat Partnership Accord Agreement Bénéfice Benefit Promouvoir To promote Lien Link Démocratie Democracy Paix Peace Colonie Colony / Settlement Prisonnier Convict / Prisoner Explorateur Explorer).Im well aware that the immigration can be a problem for the USA but we should keep in mind that the Mexicans are humans (human beings) and in spite of the Proposals of Obama (cas possessif!Réponse: Immigration/problématique de loanoob, postée le à 15:29:58 ( S E ) Votre réponse vient de me donner une idée!