an escort meaning in english

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It is also a euphemism for a (typically non-street level) prostitute especially if A) the one being escorted is male, B) the one doing the escorting is female, and C) the context is not any of military, jail/prison, protection, bodyguard, or personal/physical security.Leon thinks companies should never let visitors in without escorts and should issue badges that clearly show someone is an outsider.How to hook prostitutes from Sudan, Khartoum.Most OF HER skin burned OFF IN this awful case OF domestic violence.Children usually love to make up their own stories.Up vote 4 down vote, x escorts Y when X travels with Y and remains with Y the entire time, to ensure Y makes it to Y's destination.And - astonishingly - no armed escort or air protection was to be provided, the family members said.1.2 A person who may be hired to accompany someone to a social event.These examples may contain rude words based on your search.Tumblr In true Gilmore Girls fashion, Carole King decided to an escort the theme song with her daughter, Louise Goffin.
This can be anything from escorting a child to the toilet, tending to them if they are taken ill, or working with groups of pupils at breaks or lunchtime.
Soldiers escorting the truck returned fire, killing the assailants, the army said.
How can I book a VIP female escort.It is found in brothels, strip clubs, massage parlours, private clubs, escort services, red light districts, chat lines, websites, magazines, newspapers, phone directories, films and private homes.It was less than a half an hour later when the ambulance and an escort of two police cars took Sara and her newest daughter to the hospital.As verbs the difference between escort and accompany is that escort is to attend with a view to guard and protect; to accompany as safeguard; to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to; - used especially with reference to journeys or excursions on land; as,.Dictionaries, english dictionaries, dOD English dictionary of military terms.She was escorting him out of his cell towards the phone when he attacked her.Good luck and an escort us know how you.Accompany is connected with companion, from com-, together, and panis, bread, someone you eat with.Where to hire sex models in United States, Decatur.As a noun escort is a body of armed men to attend a person of distinction for the sake of affording safety when on a journey; one who conducts some one as an attendant; a guard, as of prisoners on a march; also, a body.